The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2024

The best car insurance companies give their customers more than just
coverage they want at a reasonable price.

We ranked the best car insurance companies for a number of different needs. Whether you care more about customer service than cost or have some traffic violations on your record, we've got an option to meet those specific wants and requirements!

If you're looking for the best auto insurance companies, we've got just what your need. When it comes to finding an affordable rate that offers great coverage and low complaints rates from body repair professionals - this is where our team shines! We analyzed over 20 different insurers before ranking those with excellent collision claim services as well as easy-to understand websites in order of preference below:

What Is the Best Car Insurance Company?

How did you decide on your car insurance company? It's a question that many individuals would ask. There is one answer though - you probably got the best deal through your agent or through an online comparison tool.

A good auto insurance company can save you money and protect what matters to you the most your car and yourself. The question then becomes which one is the best for you? There are too many factors to take into account, but there are some obvious ones that make up a good auto insurance company:

Top Ranked Car Insurance Companies in 2024

#1 USAA : Low Rates for Military

Low Rates for Military


Low Rates for Military

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USAA is an excellent car insurance provider that provides great service. They're known for their quick and easy filing process, frequent updates on the status of claims (including when they've been paid), as well as reliable customer care in case anything goes wrong!

USAA is a great car insurance provider. They have very good customer service and an easy process for filing claims, which are two of the reasons their customers love them so much!

#2 – Geico

Editor's Choice



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The Geico car insurance company is the second-best in our rankings. Consumers who have filed a claim generally agree that it's easy to do so with them, and most survey respondents also report they plan on renewing their policy again next year despite these flaws which were otherwise documented by other companies as well - namely low rates but great customer service!

Geico is a great option for those looking to save money on car insurance. Consumers who have filed claims generally agree that the company makes filing simple and easy, with most reporting they plan on renewing their policy again in future as well!

#3 - Progressive

Low Rates for High-Risk Drivers



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Progressive might be number one when it comes to advertising their products, but they are still not top competitors in terms of customer satisfaction. Many other companies offer better scores for Low Rates for Military 5/5 Logo (888) 666-1005 Editor's Choice 5/5 Logo (888) 666-1005 Low Rates for High-Risk Drivers 5/5 Logo (888) 666-1005 filing claims and providing good service overall; among these is ValueGuard Insurance who has a higher percentage plan not renewing with them than any other brand surveyed by Consumer Reports!

The company earns high scores for filing claims and service quality; however these rankings still don't make them competitive with other insurers who offer better value or higher percentages from customers planning not renewing their coverage after expiration date!

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Car insurance shoppers often put the most importance on price. Here are average annual and monthly costs for good drivers.

Company Average annual car insurance cost
for good drivers
Average monthly car insurance cost
for good drivers
USAA $1,141 $95
Geico $1,182 $99
Progressive $1,892 $158
State Farm $1,402 $117
Allstate $2,022 $169

Which car insurance company is best for you?

The right car insurance company can depend on your needs and driving record. We recommend Geico as our editor's choice provider, due to its affordability along with strong financial standing that has led them be ranked number one by consumers across America!

We all know how expensive car insurance can be, so why not find the best deal? Just call (888) 666-1005 to get free quotes from different companies.

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